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We’ll match deposits up to


Plynk is a refreshingly easy way to invest and grow your knowledge. Invest as little as $1, and trade commission-free*.

Get Started

Here’s how to double your money:

  • Download the Plynk app

    Download the Plynk app in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

  • Open an account

    In the Plynk app, open a new brokerage account.

  • Make a deposit

    Plynk will match net deposits up to $75 and as little as $25

Promotions FAQs

What is the $75 promotion?

DBS will match a deposit up to $75 into your brokerage account if you 1) link an eligible bank account, and 2) make a minimum net deposit of $25 into your account. Customers must have a minimum of $25 in net deposits during the Qualification Period to receive a match, which will be in the amount of the net deposits. The Qualification Period for the $75 promotion is within 30 calendar days of linking an eligible bank account. Customers who have already opened a DBS brokerage account and linked a bank account are not eligible for the $75 promotion.

When will I receive the $75 promotion?

Plynk will deposit up to $75 directly into your Plynk brokerage account within 30 calendar days of when the Qualification Period ends. The net deposit at the end of the Qualification Period must be at least $25.

What can I do with my $75 promotion?

You can invest your money in stocks or funds as soon as it’s deposited into your DBS brokerage account. You can also buy crypto or transfer your deposit match 90 days after it’s deposited into your brokerage account.

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