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How to invest based on your interests

The Plynk app lets you search for investments by themes that may appeal to you.

May 31, 2024

How to invest based on your interests

It’s human nature to want to invest in things you care about. The Plynk app makes this easy by identifying popular investment categories and providing options with just a single click.

How do you find investments that fit your interests and values?

Investing is a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience when you can follow what you believe in. Maybe it’s a technology that excites you, or a company you’re inspired by. Either way, you want to invest in what matters to you. This idea is often called “thematic investing.”

Thematic investing

  1. Go to the app’s Discover page and scroll to the “browse by category” section.
  2. View choices for investment themes you might like—ranging from state-of-the-art fields such as artificial intelligence or 3D printing, to a business’ leadership structure, including founder run and led by women.
  3. Browse by category
  4. Select a category, which brings you to a page describing the theme and a list of potential stocks or funds to invest in.

Example: How to invest in women-led companies

Let’s break down how to use this information. Start by reading the description.

Women Led

This category shows companies with top "women impact" scores, which are based on a company’s percentage of women on the board, women in management, and women employed overall.

There are also 3 ways to sort investment options: by size, past performance, or expert rating.

From there you can click on a company to view more details about it, then tap “buy now” if you’d like to invest!

Next steps to consider

If you’re interested in women-led companies (or any of the other themes listed) but think you could still use a little more help, try Plynk Explore. Also on the Discover page, this feature allows you to find investments ideas by choosing categories, level of risk, and either expert ratings or historical performance.

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