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How to find investment ideas

Not sure where to start looking for investments? Plynk Explore can help you find ideas based on your comfort zone and your interests.

December 16, 2021

How to find investment ideas

If you’re unsure where to start getting investing ideas, consider trying the Plynk Explore feature.

What is Plynk Explore?

Plynk Explore is a self-guided tool in the app that asks 3 simple questions to help you find investment ideas.

Question 1: What type of investments would you like to see?

You can choose from 3 options here. Consider how comfortable you are with taking risks.

Do you feel comfortable with more risk if it could mean greater potential for reward? Or do you prefer lower-risk investments, even if that means their returns might also be lower over time?

If you choose…

  • Conservative: Your results will include lower-risk investments.
  • Moderate: Your results will include investments of mid-level risk.
  • Aggressive: Your results will include higher-risk investments.

Question 2: How would you like to sort the results?

Choose either “Outside expert analysis and opinion” or “Historical performance.”

Essentially, you’re deciding whether you want the tool to take into account how financial experts have rated the investments, or their track record of performance in recent years.

Question 3: Are there any specific themes or industries you’d like to invest in?

You can choose up to 3 themes that you’re interested in investing your money in.

How does Plynk decide which investments to show?

Based on your responses to the questions, Plynk Explore will sort and filter investments to display those you might be interested in exploring.

You can take the questionnaire as many times as you’d like to see how the results might change!

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